Use A Divorce Coach – Help Yourself and Reduce Your Legal Fees

The ending of a relationship or marriage for whatever reason, and the decision by both, or by one person, to separate or divorce, is likely to mean at some stage the seeking of legal advice and help of a lawyer. Divorce or separation does not just involve a legal process, but also an emotional one.  It may therefore also be the time to consider contacting what are popularly being called: A Divorce Coach

A Divorce Coach can not only help you with the emotional aspects of your separation but also help reduce your legal fees.

Pamela Cricthley MSc, Psychotherapist and a Divorce Coach in Guildford explains :

I am an experienced and highly trained psychotherapist, who works with individuals and couples in trying at times to repair, and save relationships.   Sometimes however, this is not possible and the route of separation and divorce ensue.

Divorce coaches can help support you emotionally and practically through this often challenging and difficult time.

At the point of contact with your lawyer, empathic though they may well be, they are not the person to help you with your emotional feelings and continued emotional journey.  Whilst they may be willing listeners, they themselves will readily admit that they are not trained in this field, and that by using them, as a listening post, it is very expensive for you and not to your best advantage.

I am now receiving referrals from forward thinking and pro-active divorce lawyers in the area who are keen to ensure their clients are supported in achieving the best outcomes for themselves.  Divorce coaching helps promote a client’s well-being, which then assists them deal with the divorce process.

As a Divorce Coach I would aim to offer:

  • Acknowledgement of your loss, hurt, pain, anger, resentment, life changes and no doubt many other emotions you may well feel.
  • Support for you in gaining tangible and realistic outcomes.
  • To help you look at what you want for the future, and to gain or retain autonomy and a sense of control.
  • To help you retain or regain confidence, self-care, and self-esteem, as you move forward into the future.
  • If needed – support of your children’s emotional wellbeing.

Whilst not always seen as therapy, divorce coaching can be therapeutic and help with unresolved feelings. Divorce coaching can help you to settle your divorce more speedily; more amicably; at less cost; and to your better advantage, and if applicable, to your children’s advantage.

My service is totally confidential.    Such coaching can be done in person or over the phone.

You can find out more about divorce coaching and the services Pamela Critchley MSc Psychotherapist [ MBACP(Accred); UKRCP; UPCA]  can offer if you are going through a separation or divorce at or email Pamela at

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