Getting The Best Value From Your Divorce Lawyer

Although the availability of DIY and on-line divorce services may be of use and interest for some,  many people facing separation and divorce are looking for personal advice from a specialist divorce lawyer, who is knowledgeable about the law and who can reassure them over the decisions they need to make and the options open to them.  The costs of obtaining such legal advice can however be of major concern.   Here are some top tips to help manage the costs of using a divorce lawyer and also get the best value from them:

- Seek assistance with managing your emotions

Divorce and separation are a time when people can feel overwhelmed with the decisions they need to make, angry and upset.  High level emotions obstruct clear thinking and the ability to focus and make informed decisions, just at a time when this is needed.    Help is this area can be obtained by using a divorce coach to help support you emotionally and practically through your divorce. Your divorce lawyer is not trained to do this and using them as a listening post, it is very expensive and not to your best advantage.  Relying on support from your family members and best friends can risk straining these relationships.   In addition, looking after yourself during the divorce process should be a priority. This enables you to also be available to help your children.  For more information about using a divorce coach see the article on my website

- Gather up to date financial details of your assets and income

If your divorce will involve decisions about financial and property matters, get your paperwork relating to these areas in order.  You will need to provide up to date details of the value of your assets, property and pensions and of your income.  The information you are able to gather and provide will help reduce your legal costs and enable matters to progress in a timely way.  If you have an accountant and/or financial planner, they may well have the information you need, or be able to assist you in obtaining it.  In addition, their hourly rate is likely to be lower than that of your lawyer; working with them will help keep your legal costs down.

- Decide what aspects you could undertake yourself

It is possible to ask your divorce lawyer to advise you in respect of specific aspects of your divorce,  as and when you require it, rather than to engage them to enter into correspondence and provide full representation for you in a more traditional way.  Some people may wish to deal with the paperwork for their uncontested divorce themselves; but need legal advice on matters relating to the arrangements for their children and /or their financial settlement.  Others may wish to have advice whilst they are attending mediation and for their lawyer to then prepare the necessary documents to make their financial settlement binding once mediation is concluded.  Some clients will still require a full service to include representation at court.

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